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Success Stories

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I’m also looking into going back to school to complete a degree or certificate in alcohol and substance abuse counseling.

Stephanie F

As a result of my diploma, I was able to earn more money, get good benefits, and buy a house.

Deanna B

Not having my diploma hung over my head like an angry storm cloud for far too long. I no longer have that cumbersome feeling and I owe it all to hard work, determination and this program.

Justin J

I want to inspire children to help them realize their potential and to fulfill their dreams.

Angela E

This was a really great program for me as I work full time so the traditional classroom setting didn’t work well. I love the fact that I can go at my own pace and that motivated me even more to push myself to get more done each day. I want to go to college for accounting or finance and to better myself.

Tara B

I gained so much from this program; I learned about child care and how it works. My plan is to go to college so that one day I can live my dreams and become a psychologist.

Idanes P

Smart Horizons taught me a lot about office management and leadership skills, which will help me in life. I wanted to to get my diploma so I can get accepted in a college firefighter program.  This is a great program and it saved my high school education.

Jeremy R

I love your program because when I was nervous and ready to give up, my teacher pushed me. It didn’t matter what time; she was always there.

LaCressa D

I loved it! I was the first high school graduate of the program at my school. I plan to continue my education and study criminal psychology.

Joy W

I wanted to finish my high school diploma so I could give my family a better life. This program taught me that you should never give up on your goals. I would like to study criminal justice to work as a cop.

Julio O

I wanted to finish my high school diploma because of my children. I wanted to be able to look them in the eye and tell them mommy did it, so can you. I gained pride and responsibility, and I plan to go to school to become a vet tech.

Brandy G

I wanted to get an education to further my career and go back to school for real estate. I have gained lots of knowledge on retail and actually did become a retail manager while I was in this program. Thank you guys so much.

Victor M

This program is great for those like me who have been out of school for a long time and want to earn their diploma. I wanted to finish high school so that I could go to nursing school. I gained a lot of knowledge about the history of our country and it also helped me understand algebra a lot better.

Marlena H

Finishing my diploma is something that I promised myself and my mother that I would do. The teachers in this program helped me and I felt close to them even though it was online.

Tatiyana L

I wanted to earn my diploma to continue my education so that I can graduate from an American university and help other people. I think Smart Horizons Career Online High School is a good program for all immigrants.

Parimal T

My dream has always been to become a social worker because I love making a difference in people’s lives. Thank you for providing this program and allowing people the opportunity for a second chance at accomplishing something so important. It’s never too late to achieve your goals.

Lesly O

The experiences in this program taught me to be a person that is more prepared for the future. I wanted to finish my high school diploma because it would be a great achievement in my life and would open many doors for my future.

Pablo G

I feel ecstatic that I worked so hard to accomplish something in my life. It’s also a great example I’m setting for my descendants that are following in my footsteps. Smart Horizons is a great program for anyone who is interested in having a career.

Isebervenda B

I would like to become a successful computer software developer. This program helped me a lot and I gained a lot of knowledge that could benefit me in the future.

Wisner P

I wanted to be able to graduate on time with my class and finish school for my mom and most of all my son. I gained a lot of knowledge about food, food borne illness, and customer service. I have finished school and I am now working as a dietary aide.

Markia J

I realized not having a high school diploma had been hanging over my head all these years and that I really needed to do this for me, for my confidence.

Pauline W

I wanted to finish high school so that I can go to college and build a better community. Through this program I learned how to teach children and encourage them to study.

Leena S

I decided to go back to high school because I have always wanted to get my diploma. I was working dead end jobs and wanted to better myself. I gained a lot of knowledge and refreshed on subjects that  apply to the real world.

Kristie H

I want to be successful and I learned that working hard can make you do big things in life. I plan on going to college to get my AA and then eventually my bachelor’s degree for physical therapy.

Cody L

This program has helped me receive my high school diploma. I learned a lot about computers and gained real world knowledge that I will be using in college and in my future. I thank you so much for this opportunity.

Megan A

In order to keep my current position or advance I needed my H.S. Diploma. Smart Horizons Career Online High School provides an opportunity to reach ones goals and provide a more satisfying future for students and their families.

Shaun B

My mom and dad never finished high school and I just want to make them proud. I would love to further my education by getting my Associate degree in Early Childhood Education. I recommend this program because it is easy to understand and if you are really determined you will get it done.

Brittany J

Thank you for helping me get to where I want to be in life. This program is awesome! I wanted to finish high school to feel accomplished. You work so hard to earn a diploma and it means a lot.

Shainna L

I wanted to finish high school so that I could pursue my career as a soldier in the U.S. Army. I will take with me all the knowledge I gained from the many courses provided. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and I’ll never forget this experience.

Jessie H

I wanted my diploma to show everyone that I can do anything I set my mind to. I am going to college in the fall and my future plan is to become a teacher. Thank you!

Christina B

Smart Horizons COHS has given me confidence, structure and the knowledge that I needed to take the next steps in my life. I plan to enroll in college and work towards my AA. I found this program to be very easy to use and the teaching methods easy to follow. The daily encouragement from my online advisers was amazing!


Amanda C

I wanted to finish my high school diploma because the job I want requires you to finish high school. I gained a lot of knowledge and confidence through this program and I would recommend it to others.

Luis S

I earned my high school diploma because I wanted to be successful in life and have the opportunity to attend a college or university. I gained so much knowledge from this program, especially because it gave me a little insight on career goals. I hope to have a career in criminal investigation.

Luis V

I wanted to finish my high school diploma because without it you can’t go anywhere and I need it for the nursing career I want.

Miranda B

My main reason for getting a diploma is to leave retail and do the type of work that I would enjoy. This program is the best learning experience I have had in years.

Saadia A

I wanted my high school diploma because I would like to continue with my education. I’ve learned a lot about time management from the program and plan to study 4 more years in college to complete my BA degree.

Wenheng L

It’s easy to get started on the path to becominga high school graduate.

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